Micro-distillery in Cape Town CBD

Increasing growth of the local craft-distilling industry persuaded Logichem to venture into this small-scale market with its first plant constructed for Pienaar & Son Distilling Co. in the Cape Town CBD.

Extensive development and proto-type testing was carried out in Logichem’s R&D facility, the challenge being the development of a solids-tolerant 150mm trayed column capable of handling an unfiltered fermentation broth.  This would enable the distiller to produce a 96.4% spirit directly from the fermenter in a single pass, a huge improvement in time and energy on the multiple pot distillation alternative.

Pienaar & Son’s distillery is equipped with a Mashing vessel for starch conversion, two Fermenters, two pot stills for gin production, and a 3-column continuous still for neutral spirit, vodka, and whisky production.

At the September 2017 Michelangelo International wine and spirit awards, when Pienaar & Son had only been in production for 9 months, it won Silver and Gold for its two gins (Empire and Orient), and double-Gold for its Waskis vodka.  Congratulations!

We look forward to tasting the Bourbon-style whisky that is currently being aged in new American oak barrels.

Pienaar & Son Distilling Co.



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