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Ethanol Plants (Wine, Grain, Cane & Cassava Spirit)

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Ethanol Plants (Wine, Grain, Cane & Cassava Spirit)

Ethanol production technology is our core business, from small 100 litres per day plants for the craft distilling industry to 200,000+ litres per day industrial-scale distilleries.

Logichem is the leading ethanol plant contractor in Southern Africa. In addition, we have sold ethanol plants to clients in California, Australia, Ghana, and Israel.

We provide complete turnkey solutions to clients in the cane (juice and molasses), maize (corn), wine, and cassava spirit industries.

We can design for a range of products, spanning potable, industrial and cooking ethanol grades. Potable products range from flavoured varieties such as eau de vie, rum, and whisky, to neutral products such as vodka and extra neutral spirit.

Our designs are based on comprehensive process simulation models of the various distillation processes to ensure optimum performance and efficiencies are achieved. Our models have been tried and tested and validated extensively on plant data from many operations over the past 20 years and can be relied upon to produce accurate and trustworthy data and design parameters.

Logichem developed proprietary high-efficiency, self-cleaning distillation trays that have been in service since 2002. Trays can be supplied in stainless steel, copper and titanium.

Most of our equipment is manufactured in our own workshop, and subjected to rigorous quality control and functional testing prior to dispatch.

Ethanol Plants Alcohol Plant Under Construction
Ethanol Plants Evaporator Condenser
Ethanol Plants Fermenters Cooling Tower
Ethanol Plants Ethanol Plants
Ethanol Plants Cassava Plant

Logichem's quality management system is based on ISO9001:2015 principles.