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Clean Steam Generators

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Clean Steam Generators

Normal boiler-generated steam is contaminated with corrosion protection chemicals dosed into the boiler feed water to conserve the boiler-wetted components. It is therefore unsuitable for direct injection heating of food products. This has created a need for Clean Steam generators, particularly in the dairy industry.

Clean steam generators are also used to harvest energy from geothermal steam which is often contaminated with high levels of sulphur compounds.

Clean steam generators are essentially secondary boilers using “dirty” primary steam as a heating source. They are constructed in corrosion-free alloys to suit the properties of the primary steam and therefore do not require corrosion protection chemical treatment on the secondary side.

Logichem has supplied Clean Steam Generators for the dairy and ethanol industries utilising boiler steam as well as geothermal steam up to a capacity of 5 tons per hour at 10 bar pressure utilising 20 bar primary steam.

We can custom design to fit the exact requirements pertaining to the application, including the high seismic structural specifications generally required for geothermally active regions.

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