Alcohol recovery plant exported to Australia

By Logichem Admin

Logichem’s first export to Australia was commissioned in February 2010.  This was a plant designed to recover alcohol from a membrane permeate stream, emanating from a process used in the production of low-alcohol wine.  This was Logichem’s 3rd order from the client.  The other two plants were for the South African and USA markets.

The challenging feature of the Australian plant was that it had to be trailer-able, limiting the maximum height to 2,5 meters.  This is a severely uncomfortable limit for a distillation plant, requiring the column to be split into 3 sections.  The plant was of skid-mounted design, and built into a framework of 1.8m wide x 3.5m long x 2.5m high.

The plant operates under vacuum to limit the operating temperature to avoid heat-damage to the product.  The heat source is electricity, a clean and convenient source available at all cellars.  A high degree of automation is involved to limit operator supervision requirements.

Prior to shipping, the plant was fully tested and commissioned at a local host cellar, and met all its design specifications.

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