Logichem’s Unique Water De-aeration Plants for the Brewing Industry

Logichem has developed novel technology for de-aeration of dilution water used in the beverage industries, typically in breweries.

Logichem’s process is capable of reducing dissolved Oxygen (DO) to <10ppb, compared with typically 40ppb from conventional single-flash systems. Low DO extends product shelf life and is therefore highly sought after by beverage producers.

Logichem’s process is based on multi-stage steam stripping in a trayed distillation column. The high efficiency of multi-stage contact reduces the steam requirement considerably, resulting in very low vapor-to-liquid ratio. This requires a good understanding of the hydraulic impact on tray design, resulting in highly unusual tray geometry to accommodate the high liquid load without flooding while still preventing weeping resulting from the low vapor load. Due to the instability of the protective oxide layer of stainless steel under these hot, low-oxygen conditions, trays are manufactured in Titanium.

Unlike the COstripping de-aeration processes, Logichem’s process is hot, resulting in sterilization of the water at the same time. Heat integration between feed and product streams results in high thermal efficiency and low energy cost.