Craft Spirit Plants

In addition to designing and building large industrial-scale distilleries, we also deliver small-scale plants for the Craft Spirit industry. 

Employing exactly the same design principles and techniques used in our industrial-scale plants, we offer bespoke, tailor-made designs to craft distillery clients to fit their exact requirements for producing unique products.  We offer both batch processing pot stills, and continuous column stills fitted with our proprietary solid-tolerant trays.  The latter allows distilling the solids-laden beer straight from your fermenter to produce a 96.4% neutral spirit in a single pass, a huge improvement in time and energy on the multiple pot distillation alternative.  The same still is suitable for eau-de-vie, schnapps, vodka, whisky, and rum production.

We also deliver mashing and fermentation equipment to suit various raw materials, starch as well as sugar based.

We adjust the level of automation to suit the level of hand-crafted authenticity desired by the client.