Aloe extract ethanol recovery

Logichem was recently awarded a contract for the design and supply of a solvent ethanol recovery plant for a client involved in the aloe extract business.  Ethanol is used as a solvent in the process, as a result of which it becomes diluted with water.  In order to render the ethanol re-usable, it needs to be re-concentrated.

The plant is of skid-mounted design to facilitate installation on site.  Prior to dispatch, the plant was fully assembled and functionally tested in Logichem’s workshop.  After the test, the upper column section and associated piping was dismantled and stowed for transport within the framework of the plant skid.  This enabled relatively simple and quick instalation and re-assembly on site.

The packaged plant was deliverd, erected and commisioned during November 2010, for a very satisfied client.

Quote client:  ” The system looks neat and the operation is simple.  It is seldom that you still find companies that deliver the quality of service that you have supplied!”


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