What we do

We design and build process plants.

We service primarily the Chemical and Food & Beverage industries. 

Our speciality is Ethanol production plants, from small 100 litres per day for the craft distilling industry, to 200,000+ litres per day industrial-scale distilleries.  We can use a variety of raw materials to produce various grades of ethanol, from potable to cooking ethanol.

How we do it?

Logichem is a scientifically-based organization. 

What does that mean?  It means that we calculate stuff. 

We don’t just copy what was there before, as is particularly prevalent in the traditional ethanol industry. We have a deep understanding of the scientific principles of mathematics, physics and chemistry, which underlie the fundamental techniques of Chemical Engineering such as fluid flow, and heat and mass transfer. This enables us to design from first principles, leading to innovative, optimum solutions for our clients.

Our design mantra: “If you don’t understand, you can’t diagnose unexpected behaviour. If you can’t diagnose, you can’t fix.”

Central to our scientifically-based approach is process simulation. We make extensive use of Aspen HYSYS to optimise our designs and generate the heat and mass balances and physical properties required for detailed equipment design.  With over 20 Years experience in distillation, our simulation models have been tried and tested, and validated against plant data for many systems.

When required, we augment our understanding and knowledge of less predictable physical behaviour, such as distillation of slurries containing suspended solids, with experimental rigs set up in our R & D facility.

Most of our equipment is manufactured in our own workshop, subjected to rigorous quality control and functional testing.

Process simulation also enables rapid evaluation of alternatives, as well as accurate performance rating of existing equipment. This in turn enables an optimised handshake when embedding new investment in an existing facility.

Essentially, we optimize the client’s investment.  

That is our competitive edge.